Why should I contact DBR Motors, Inc. for my vehicle purchase?

Answer:  At DBR Motors, Inc. you deal with the owner, Darryl B. Robinson.  No going and back and forth to the tower to get the okay from the manager to sell the vehicle.

Is DBR Motors, Inc.  a legitimate business?

Answer:  Yes, DBR Motors, Inc. is a South Carolina Licensed Independent Car Dealership with the appropriate Bond required by SC.  Our License allows us to buy and sell used cars the same as Franchise Dealers and other Used Car Dealers.  However, we can not sell new cars.

How long have you been in business?

Answer:  DBR Motors, Inc. was Incorporated on April 14, 2004 in Fort Mill, SC (York County) and we have been at the same location from day one.  3515 Centre Cir., STE 104, Fort Mill, SC 29715.

When did you obtain your South Carolina Car Dealer License?

Answer:  After being Incorporated in April 2004 and negotiating a lease agreement for our location in June 2004, an application for a Dealers License was submitted and the SCDMV, which inspected and approved DBR Motors, Inc. for a used Car Dealers License in July 2004.

Are Documentation Fees, Administration Fees, Closing Fees, Air in the Tires Fees Charged by DBR Motors, Inc.?  Believe it or not, nitrogen(air) in the tires fee is the latest additional fee being charge by some dealerships.   These fees can add from $50 to $1,200 or more to the price of the vehicle at other dealerships.

Answer:  NO! At DBR Motors no additional fees beyond State Tax, Tag and Title fees that are required by  the State and paid to the State.  If needed, we charge our cost of $20.00 for a 30 day out of State Temporary Plate with verification of Liability Insurance Coverage.

What are the State tax, tag and title fees?

Answer:  For South Carolina it is now call an “Infrastructure Maintenance Fee”, which is 5% of the sale price with a $500 cap.  Tag and title fee for SC differs on type of vehicle and if you are getting a new plate or transferring a plate.  These fees are set by the State.  You can go to the SCDMV website for more details on their fees on different type vehicles.

For North Carolina there is a one time Road Use tax of 3% of the sales price of the vehicle.  Tag and title fee for NC differs on type of vehicle and if you are getting a new plate or transferring a plate.   For Tag and title fees DBR Motors suggest you refer to the State’s DMV webpage the exact charges.

For all other States, if the SC “IMF” is charged, you will be provided  a form to receive credit for this fee at you States DMV office if required by you State at time of registering your vehicle .  Please contact DBR Motors, Inc. for more information for your specific State.